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What is the difference between ATV trailers and Utility Trailers?

  • Always make sure that you get the right tool for the job. Many trailer manufacturers and dealers call utility trailers ATV trailers that's not really the case.

  • A Utility trailer typically has a deck 5 to 7 feet wide with a railing on 3 sides which stands about 18 inches tall. I also has fenders on the outside of the railing. 

  • Utility trailers often are not wide enough for ATV's to be placed on them sideways. If they are, you have to load from the rear, then lift, and push the machines around to fit.

  • Have you ever tried loading ATV's into a utility trailer? You spend a lot of time and energy simply loading or unloading the machines.

  • Today's ATV's will weigh from 450 to 800 pounds. They are just too big and heavy to simply lift and move around. You can very easily hurt your back doing that. I did.
          This could be very literally the most painful mistake you could make.

  • If you are going to carry more than 1 ATV, you should look for a trailer designed for ATV's. You need to be able to simply drive your machines on and drive them off again. No lifting or sliding required.

  • Generally an ATV trailer is designed so that you can load the ATV's sideways. By doing this the trailer can be considerably shorter. For example: A 2 place ATV trailer deck can be as short as 9-1/2 feet compared to a 14 foot deck which is required to load 2 ATV's end to end. This saves space and cost.  

  • A utility trailer doesn't work well as an ATV trailer. However, an ATV trailer can be used as a utility trailer.

  • You can haul anything on an ATV trailer:  motorcycles, golf cars, go karts, canoes, bicycles, rafts, furniture, appliances, building supplies, tools, equipment the list goes on and on.

  • If you are going to carry ATV's be sure to get a "Drive on Drive off" ATV trailer.

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