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"Ignoring These 9 Mistakes Can Double Your Cost Of Buying An ATV Trailer (Maintenance Costs, Replacement Parts And Service Charges…) Or Even Worse; Destroy Your ATV's,  Cause Deadly Accidents On The Road, And Even Drag You Into A Lawsuit!"
Dear Fellow Outdoorsman,
ATV Trailers are a trap…
…If you aren't careful they can cost you a fortune in time AND money. 
In this report I'll give you everything you need to know to avoid making a HUGE mistake…before you invest in a new ATV Trailer.
The problem with ATV trailers is that they are the last thing you want to think about when going hunting, camping or riding in the dunes-- 
--We just want to get in the truck and go. We spend a small fortune on our truck and ATVs, who wants to worry about the trailer that carries them?

Do You Have A 
Disaster Waiting To Happen?
I've seen it over and over again for the past 32 years--People buy trailers without the proper knowledge and end up needlessly wasting money, getting stranded on the side of the road ruining their entire vacation (I'll tell you about Steve in a minute).
Or even worse; causing deadly accidents that change their lives forever, because they don't have this important information.
In this report you will discover

"        How to save a huge amount of money when buying an ATV trailer
"        How to avoid tragic accidents, wasting money on repairs and service, or getting stranded on the side of the road as your vacation
            disappears right before your eyes      .
"        How to save your own back and your kids from this killer trailer buying mistake.
"        How to get the BEST quality trailer at the lowest price possible
"        Much, Much More
"Who Am I And
Why Should You Believe Me?"

My name is Dan Kitchen.. 

I've been a Trailer Manufacture for the past 32 years. My brothers and I have manufactured and sold over 100,000 trailers over the years…including boat trailers, watercraft, utility trailers, and of course ATV trailers.
We started as a small family owned business in 1978 after my Dad had his boat stolen and the boat was recovered without a trailer! ( I guess the boat wasn't quite what they were looking for.)
It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because from that day we started building trailers and have grown to be the one of the major trailer manufactures in the country.
It's been a great run, BUT-- we've seen a lot of the same trailer buying mistakes made over and over again--by people who just don't have the right information in their hands.
That's why I wrote this report…so please read it all the way through to make sure that doesn't happen to you.
I'm telling you a little about me because I am a skeptical guy. I think you may be a bit skeptical too. When it comes to the internet, it's SMART to be cautious because there are so many creeps and scammers out there.

Enough about me-- let's talk about getting you a great trailer at the best price possible, without making These 9 Deadly Mistakes!
Mistake #1: Would You SHOOT Your New Trailer With a 20 Gauge Shotgun?
(You Will Be If You Ignore This Mistake.)
It's not uncommon to take a brand new trailer on a camping trip and come back with it looking like it just got sprayed by a 20 gauge shotgun. 

Take a look, after just a few uses this trailer is all chipped up and rusting… and no amount of touch up will ever make it look new again.

Keep your Trailer, Machines and Truck Looking Good As New!
What you want is a Power Coated Trailer.  Powder Coating is unique way of finishing trailers that…
"        Uses technology that Billion Dollar Auto manufactures use on ALL of their cars.
"        Is almost bulletproof to resist scratches, and rock chipping compared to liquid paint
"        Lets you say good-bye to rust spots that make your trailer, machines and truck look like a rust bucket.
"        Don't worry about leaving your trailer in the sun, with automatic UV protection your trailer will always look as bright as the
          day you bought it.    
"        Looks BRAND NEW with a simple trip to the car wash
          (Friends will think you got a new trailer every time you go out!) 
"        ZERO maintenance required to keep your trailer and rig looking awesome all the time.
"        Is much more environmentally friendly than paint, thinners and paint toxins.

NEVER, and I mean NEVER settle for a liquid paint job, no matter what the sales pitch is. 
We switched from liquid to powder coating years ago, as soon as it came available. We've never looked back and our customers have never been happier. 

Mistake #2: Snap, Crackle and Pop. 
(How to avoid seeing your ATV bouncing down the freeway at 70 MPH.)

Ever loaded up the trailer with your machines only to see the steel flexing, bending and hear snap, crackle and popping?
Not only is it nerve racking to head out into the mountains with a rig like this, (stressing you out the whole way) it's extremely dangerous…

"Cheap Trailers, Hospitals, and Lawsuits?"

Just recently a customer came to us after his trailer (from another manufacturer who will remain nameless) started flexing and bouncing on the freeway. He hit the brakes--but it was too late.
His tie down straps had already come loose. The trailer frame was flexing too much and the machines started bouncing around… 
…They slid off the trailer and tumbled down the freeway at 70 mph. Cars behind him crashed into them, swerved off the road and hit each other.
If it wasn't enough to lose his machines, he's now being dragged into lawsuit for the damage to their cars and hospital bills.
Many ATV trailer manufactures use light duty steel. They do it to sell at budget prices that suck people in, only to leave them hanging when disaster strikes.
What you want is heavy gauge, box steel tubing construction. Tubing is substantially stronger than channel or angle iron because of its design.
  The heavy gauge tube steel reduces road vibration, doesn't fatigue and lasts twice as long as lighter gauge steel. It won't break, fail or flex and looks good much longer.
When you load up an 800 lb. $10,000 ATV, don't you want to know that trailer is strong enough to haul it safely?
Deadly Mistake #3: Leave Your Brand New Trailer On The Side of The Road?
(You Might Be Saying Goodbye In The Rear View Mirror If You Make This Mistake…)

Having your machines fly off the trailer causing accidents isn't going to happen to everyone who buys a cheaply manufactured trailerbut this might
…You could suffer a less disastrous fate; like being a innocent victim left stranded on the side of the road, like Steve. I met Steve last week and

He was ticked.

He bought a brand new trailer from NAME HERE and took it on a trip to Wyoming.
Out in the middle of nowhere the bearing burned up, forcing him to pull over. The trailer had a spare tire…BUT NOT A SPARE AXLE! (Trailers don't come with spare axles!)
There was absolutely nothing he could do to fix the problem.
He told me over and over again "I didn't know what to do." He must have said that 15 times and I could feel the frustration in his voice. Eventually…

He Was Forced To Leave A Brand New Trailer On The Side Of The Road In Wyoming!

Buying an "inexpensive" or "tin can" trailer just cost him at least $700. He's now going to have to go drop another $1200 to get a quality trailer so he doesn't make the same mistake twice... 
Don't Be The "Tin Can Trailers" Next Victim!

Stay Clean, Safe and Save Money
With Greasable Spindles

This is an awesome feature if I do say so myself…
Most trailers require you to 'repack the bearings' once every 2 years because the grease gets worn out. New grease keeps the bearings from burning up.
With Echo Trailers you'll never have to do the greasy, messy job of 'repacking bearings' yourself; or paying someone $50-$100 to do it for you. (You can start to see why owning an Echo trailer is the absolute BEST way to save money now, and every year in the future.)

Just grab a grease gun and be done in 5 minutes PER YEAR!

This is not only MUCH SAFER, it saves you money in the long run.
But that's not all…

Mistake #4: Call The Chiropractor!

(Utility Trailers are NOT ATV trailers…but ATV trailers can be utility trailers!)
Many trailer manufacturers and dealers call utility trailers ATV trailers.  Wrong.

Have you ever tried loading ATV's into a utility trailer? You spend a lot of time and energy lifting and sliding the heavy ATV's around to fit in the trailer...

It's a great way to pull a muscle or seriously hurt your back--And You Just Don't Have To!

Now You Can Just Drive On And Drive Off!

Look for a trailer that allows you to drive on and drive out with ease. (Also look for ramps that lock into place, so they don't pop off or slid around when loading and unloading…this is very important because many accidents happened when loading the trailers.)

7 years ago, Echo pioneered the "drive on drive off" concept by building the first side loading ATV trailer. This allows 2 machines to fit on a 9-1/2 foot deck compared to a 14 foot deck. 

A utility trailer doesn't work well as an ATV trailer. However, an ATV trailer can be used as a utility trailer.

With the Echo Elite, you can haul anything:  motorcycles, golf cars, go karts, canoes, bicycles, rafts, furniture, building supplies, and equipment. The list goes on and on.

PLUS…you can add accessories, including our industry leading "Toy Carrier Receiver" provide unlimited options, such as; a bicycle rack, extra room for a cooler, and a kayak rack.

Mistake #5 Did They Steal Those
Tires From Johnny's Bicycle?

  (If the tires look like they belong on a 10 speed bike, run the other way!)

Tires are one of the most critical parts of the entire trailer.
It doesn't matter how great your trailer is if your tires are tiny little suckers that blow out because they're so cheap.
Getting the right tire is the difference between getting to your camp-site safely and on time; or sitting on the road changing a flat tire while 18 wheelers knock you over with a blast of air at 70 MPH. (I always pray those drivers are paying attention while I'm out there.) 

Here's the problem;
Most trailer manufactures use what I call "Tiny Tim Tires". They contract with suppliers to get the smallest, cheapest, lowest quality 12" tires they can make, to keep margins as high as possible. (Not only are these terrible to use, they are almost impossible to replace at any normal retail store if you happen to get a flat and don't have a spare.)
Don't go for the tiny cheapo tires. Make sure your tires are 13" or larger with a rating as much as your axle. (2000 lb or 3500 lb)

Echo Trailers come standard with 13" Heavy Duty (HD) Tires that:

"        Include a Special Rounded Edge design to enhance ride quality
"        Has twin steel belts with reinforced nylon cap plies to stabilize tread, increase durability and has a polyester cord to help smooth out the
            trailers ride.  
"        Plus you get our Symmetric Tread Design with solid center rib for constant rubber to road contact AND increased highway stability

What does all of that techno speak really mean? 

Simply this: Over the years we have seen WAY TOO MANY problems and accidents because people skimp on tires. 

Quality tires are essential to safe and hassle free driving. You'll never have to worry about your tires when you own an Echo trailer.

Our HD tires also come with a hidden Benefit. Our taller tires rotate around the spindle fewer times as you drive, so it's much easier on the bearings, spindle and tire tread…making them last much longer and saving you money on replacements.
PLUS: EVERY Echo trailer comes standard with Heavy Duty 2000 lb or 3500 lb axles and heavy Duty Springs, making you more safe and secure even with a heavy load.

Mistake #6: Never Buy A Trailer Without Recessed D.O.T. Lights!
(Here's some peace of mind no matter what driving conditions are.)

Imagine driving down the freeway on a dark rainy night with the family in the car…how do you feel knowing that one of your lights is busted and your brake light and blinker isn't working. 
You are probably constantly worrying about someone hitting you because visibility is low, and your lights don't work! ( It's even worse if you don't know the light is broken)…accidents happen all the time this way. Some clown driver doesn't pay attention and slams right into you because lights don' work.
This is no way to travel. Now you don't have to;

"        Your new Echo trailer comes standard with lights flush with the tubing of the steel frame, making it look much better and break less              often too. See for yourself! 
"        This makes it safer for you (and your family) while driving down the road because they are less likely to be broken from travelling through              thick woods or backing up!  
"        Our studies show that recessed lights last up to 7 times longer than cheaper alternatives! 
"        Save time, money and hassle because you won't be replacing lights every time you turn around…
"        Never get another ticket from a cop looking to fill up his quota for the month, just for having a broken tail light.
"        Plus…no more cutting your leg when you hit that light that sticks out on the corner of the trailer!
"        BONUS! The light wire is ENCLOSED inside the tubing so it's not exposed to the elements, and doesn't get cut or shorted out.
    Plus…all trailers come with a lighted license plate bracket to make sure that Sherriff Barney Fife can't give you a ticket for that either!
Mistake #7: Oh My Aching Back 
(Save your back, toes and time with one simple feature.)

This next mistake can quite literally be the single most EXPENSIVE mistake you can make. 
I see it all the time, ATV trailers sold without a tongue jack, forcing you to either block up the front of the trailer, or lift it off the ball and set it down on the floor. 
Bending over while lifting the trailer tongue with 2 or 3 ATV's on it is a recipe for serious back injury. (How much does back surgery or chiropractor visits for a month cost?)
It's just as dangerous leaving a trailer blocked up on 2x4's or buckets. Kids love to jump on machines while they are on the trailer and their bouncing around can easily cause the trailer to slip off the blocks and send it crashing to ground CRUSHING whoever is under it.
There is absolutely NO GOOD REASON not to have a Tongue Jack on your trailer.
The only reason manufactures don't include it standard is because it cuts into their margin. They put your back and children at risk to save a few bucks.
Not Echo Trailers. Echo trailers ALL COME STANDARD with a Top Quality Swivel Tongue Jack with wheel. It's simple to crank up and down, rotate up out of the way (so you don't have to crank for 15 minutes to get the jack out of the way) 
The wheel and jack makes it easy to hook up to the truck with just one person, and it's easy to move the trailer around the driveway all by yourself…no lifting at all. (My wife can easily push the trailer around by herself with 2 machines on it!)
Now you'll be laughing as you back up, hook up and take off while your buddies are lifting, heaving and killing their backs moving their trailers around.
Mistake #8 All Hands On Deck!

(Get the wrong type of decking material for your trailer and you'll be sorry.)

  You've seen, or maybe own a trailer with a wood deck or expanded metal deck. (You know, the kind of metal that looks kinda like beefed up chicken wire?)
When we set out to design the Worlds Best ATV Trailer we wanted to get rid of the cheesy and high maintenance wood and the weak expanded metal as decking material.

Finally We Developed An ALL METAL, 
NON-SLIP Deck That Is Strong As An Ox And Requires ZERO Maintenance.

But that's not all…
There are two more important pieces of the Deck and Frame that you need to look for. 
#1. A Frame Tongue.
You want to get a trailer that has an "A FRAME Tongue"  instead of a straight tongue.
The straight tongue fatigues over time and will eventually break. The Echo Trailer comes with an A frame that adds safety and durability to your trailer.
#2. Tie Down Loops.
This may seem like a small thing. But the truth is, you can never have too many tie down loops to attach your ATV's securely to the trailer
Let your friends deal with the hassle of crawling under their trailers looking for a secure spot to tie too. 
You'll always know your ATV's are safe and secure, and you'll be done in a snap because the tie down loops are right there easily accessible and secure.
Mistake #9 Mistaking Cheap Price For Value

(The bitterness of poor quality far outlasts the sweetness of cheap price!)

I was recently traveling through an airport and I wanted to get some noise cancelling headphones so I could fly in peace.

I bought a pair available at the kiosk, hopped on the plane, and after my flight was over I put them into my briefcase.  When I got home I took them out and the plastic was snapped in half after 1 use! I had to spend another $100 to get a decent pair…

Luckily I only spent $50 bucks on my mistake, imagine Steve's frustration of paying $700 or $800 bucks then having to go buy ANOTHER trailer after the cheap one had to be left on the side of the  road!

You Don't Want To Pay Too Much!…And very often buying a cheap, low cost trailer is doing exactly that!

"        Replacing broken lights ($20-$50.00)
"        Buying a jack ($85.00)
"        Repacking bearings ($100.00)
"        Buying new tires ($150 each!)
"        Repainting (Hundreds)
"        Re-welding broken or weakened metal($85.00)

… and eventually replacing the entire trailer will cost far more in time, money and ruined vacations…than simply paying a little more up front.

You can see, a couple repairs and additional features on a 'cheap trailer' will cost you over $500.00…that's expense you won't have when you invest in an Echo Trailer…PLUS, even more importantly, you'll save yourself the time and hassle, and get the peace of mind knowing that you're trip will be safe from start to finish.

Now you have the freedom to choose a top quality product at a price so low you might think it's too good to be true.

It may actually be hard to believe that we can deliver so much for so little compared to other options, but--it's not too good to be true…

After over 30 years of manufacturing expertise, we've developed a solution that allows you to get the best of both worlds. Top quality trailer with tons of great features, at a price that can't be beat.
We've scoured the market and cannot find a trailer that offers more for less.

Here are a few more features to consider
when buying an ATV Trailer:

Heavy Duty Lockable Tool Box
Use the lockable toolbox to store your helmets, gloves, straps, tools, oil, jumper cables, and anything else you can think of…so it's never lost or stolen.
There's nothing worse than having a machine break down, then going to the truck to find the tools and realizing your kids took them out at home!
Now you'll always have a safe, secure place to store those MUST HAVE items.

"Built In Gas Can Rack!"
Our Innovative design allows you to secure 2 gas cans right at the front of the trailer so you don't have to put them inside the SUV or truck (which is not only dangerous, it's illegal in many states). 
They are easily accessible and quick to fill up while sitting right there on the trailer. (Plus, now you'll never lose another gas can because they're always on the trailer, and you can lock them up!)

Safety First Spare Tire and Bracket
This is a MUST HAVE item!
You never know when a tire is going to blow…especially after taking your trailer off road through sticks and sharp rocks. 
Drive with peace of mind knowing that you won't be stranded on the freeway, or have to leave your trailer and machines on the side of the road if you get a flat tire.
Time Saving Attached Tie Down Straps!
Save at least 20 minutes EVERY time you load up your machines. Just drive on, snap the ratchets on, and go.
You know how frustrating it is to pull out the straps, untangle them, (or find they have been lost or stolen), now you never have to worry about that again. Our Attached tied down straps are secured in place, so always know where they are.
Side Load, Rear Load Versatility!
If you are looking to get the most for your money, side loading is ESSENTIAL. By loading from the side (drive on, drive off) you can fit an entire EXTRA machine on the trailer over rear loading.

2" Brand Name Coupler!
The coupler is the part of the trailer where you attach to the ball of your truck. This is an essential part of the trailer because if the coupler fails, you can be in big trouble. We use name brand couplers manufactured by specialized companies who have a reputations for making the best couplers on the market.
Okay I Want Your Trailer, But How Do I Get One?
For years the only way to get one of our trailers was to live in an area with one of our dealers.
But now, thanks to a new incredible design you can own your own top quality trailer ANYWHERE in the country. We'll ship it to the closest local termainal to you adress or a business with a forklift.

Can I See It Before I Buy?

That's the beautiful thing about the internet. Before when you'd buy an item like this you'd have to rely on pictures and words... 
…Now it's almost as if you can touch and feel the trailer through our "real life" close up pictures and videos. 
We've taken time to show you every part of the trailer in close up form so you can see exactly what you are getting…

Even Better Than Real Life?
When you go to a retailer you only get a few minutes to see the product then you either buy it or go back home. But on this website you will get much more information, video of the product in action, close up pictures and answers to all your questions to make sure you are making a great decision.

So How Much Does It Cost?

This is the most exciting part of the entire report…
'Bolt together' trailers with flimsy metal frames and tin can construction, without all the features and benefits you get with an Echo, can cost between $1000 -$1500. Plus when you buy from a dealer you'll pay freight costs, destination fees, retail mark ups and you are limited to what they have in stock.
Of course you don't want to buy 'cheap' and end up having to buy 2 or even 3 trailers over the next couple of years…not only will you end up paying much more-- you'll almost certainly ruin a trip or two dealing with a burned out spindle, broken side rail or worse. Now you don't have to worry about that ever again…
Get an Echo Trailer with solid metal frame, starting at less than $1295! 
For less than what you will pay for a 'tin can' trailer you can get a rock solid, durable, great looking and convenient trailer that just will last you forever!
Plus with our online shopping cart you can customize your trailer with all the extra features you want, choose the size perfect for you and get it shipped to a cloes terminal or a business with a fork lift. 

How Much Is Safety, Peace Of Mind AND Coolness Worth To You?

By now you've seen if you are serious about getting the BEST VALUE for your dollar, (and who isn't, especially right now!) that Echo delivers…
…but it's not just about low price, it's about the safety of your family while traveling down the road, it's about making sure your expensive machines are secure, and it's about being the envy of your friends when you show up with the best looking rig in the group.

Why Haven't I heard of you guys before?

I'm sure you want to buy from a company you can trust when making a decision like this. 
As mentioned above, we've been building trailers for over 30 years now. The problem we've faced is that trailers are typically only sold in regional areas because of the heavy cost of freight. They are very hard to ship economically.
We have over 300 dealers across the western states who've been selling our products for years. But because of the cost of shipping trailers to the south and east, we've never had a large presence out that way. (Thus, we've never done much advertising either!)
That's what is so exciting about this new opportunity. We've finally designed and manufactured a top quality ATV trailer than is easily shipped anywhere in the country at a price that you can afford.
This has opened up huge opportunities for ATV enthusiasts all over the country to finally get a great price on a top quality trailer, instead of having to settle for whatever the local dealer had in stock.

Is it worth paying too much for a life-long investment? Maybe, Or…
Maybe not…
…you could spend your hard earned money on a 'tin can trailer or new electronic gadget that is broken, worn out, lost or out of date, within 12 months, or you could INVEST in a solid asset that quite possibly could be the last ATV trailer you'll ever have to buy!
So go ahead and order your trailer today. Just click the model you want and check out. The order process is 100% safe and secure using an powerful encryption that keeps your credit card information private. Or you can call 1-800-611-4379
  You'll receive an email receipt and we'll ship your trailer right to you.


Dan Kitchen
Echo Trailers

P.S. If you have any questions at all, please grab the cell phone and give us a call right now at 1-800-611-4379 ! We won't hit you over the head with a sales pitch…but we will answer your questions fast and courteously.

P.P.S. If you finally want a trailer you can count on, a trailer you can show off, and a trailer that makes you confident and proud to own, this is it.  Plus with our money back guarantee, you can't go wrong. So order today!

The Trailer Brothers

We've been building trailers for over 32 years and have a reputation for building the best quality trailer on the market at the best price possible.

We pioneered and developed the side loader ATV trailer, the drive on - drive off Snowmobile trailer along with multiple other innovations.

We have built trailers for NBA stars like John Stockton, and Karl Malone and TV News Anchors on NBC News.

With over 80 combined years of trailer building expertise we know the do's and don'ts of buying ATV trailers

How Does Powder
Coating Work?
Our Powder Coating Process starts with treating the metal with a unique, high powered wash that removes grease from the metal. (This is essential for a life long high quality paint job.)

Then instead of applying several layers of liquid paint (which is easily scratched off) we apply the poly coating as a dry spray (similar to a powdered plastic) that electronically attaches to the metal like a magnet.

From there the trailer is sent into a huge oven. The oven heats the dry powder to 400 degrees, bonding it to the metal forming a smooth film which dries to a firm, durable finish very resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV fading and rust.

Square tubing is MUCH stronger than channel because there are 4 sides to bear the weight as opposed to just 3 sides.

Don't Even Think About Buying An ATV Trailer Until You Read This Report:

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