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Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist
Steel w/powder-coat
35.0 lbs
300 Lb Load Capcity
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    The Gorilla-Lift™ is a revolutionary, patented product that takes 100% of the weight off of most heavy utility trailer tailgates or ramps, enabling them to be raised or lowered with virtually no effort. It features a 2-sided assist which prevents uneven stresses and wear on the tailgate/ramp and trailer and can help to extend the life of the trailer gate. The Gorilla-Lift works best on open utility trailers with side rails measuring 10in. to 24in. in height and tailgates/ramps measuring 4ft. to 6ft. with a maximum weight of 300 lbs. The unit attaches quickly and easily to trailer side rails made of square tubing, round tubing or angle iron. It has a low profile unobtrusive design, with each housing measuring 2in. x 2in. x 6ft.

Reduces Back Strain

Eliminating the strain of lifting or lowering a heavy trailer tailgate or ramp weighing up to 300 lbs. can help reduce the risk for personal injuries to you and your employees. Your back, your employees and anyone else who has to lift that trailer tailgate or ramp will definitely thank you for installing a Gorilla-Lift.

Reduces Property Damage

Hundreds of pounds of tailgate metal slamming down onto the pavement, concrete, paver blocks or expensive equipment or tools can cause extensive damage. The special design of the Gorilla-Lift prevents this from happening, eliminating expensive equipment and property repairs.

Designed with Safety in Mind

The Gorilla-Lift design incorporates fully enclosed housing over the lifting mechanism to keep hands and fingers out of harm's way and prevent on-the-job injuries.

  • Raise or lower trailer tailgates with almost no effort
  • Adjusts for different sizes and weights of tailgates
  • Lifting system is fully enclosed for safety
  • Attaches to your trailer quickly and easily  
  • Lifting system is fully enclosed for safety
  • Attaches to your trailer quickly and easily
  • Each measures 2in. x 2in. x 72in.L
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